Why I’ve switched to SEMrush

I have had a long and varied history with SEO software. Around twenty two years ago I started using what might have (at the time) been the world’s first dedicated SEO software title. It was ‘interesting’ to say the least. This software, which shall remain nameless in case a derivative of it still exists, was focussed on ‘gaming’ the search engines. I couldn’t really understand why so much emphasis was placed on duping search engines.

After a few days I stopped using the software because it didn’t feel like it fitted the way I worked, what I wanted to achieve, or even my level of comprehension. The amount of work I put into the software didn’t seem like a good investment of my time compared to the output. And so began a history of buying SEO software that is anything but a long-term proposition.

Although my first foray into the world of SEO software suffered from being a symptom of its time, when SEO software was a bit, well, ‘adventurous with intent’ it wasn’t the last bit of software that I stopped using because I didn’t feel quite at home.

Over the years I have spent a wallet-jarring amount of money on SEO software, most of which has been great. At first. Eventually the shine inevitably wears off and I find myself either at odds with the goals of the software or some other shiny object lures me away.

I have experienced most of the mainstream SEO websites (SAAS) and installable software packages. They have all been useful to me at some point. I have nothing overtly negative to report about any of them.

The biggest collective problem I’ve had with SEO software is the fact it has always been a collection. I’ve paid company A for rank tracking, company B for on-site audits, company C for backlink analysis, company D for blah blah blah. SEO software ain’t cheap!

So earlier this year when SEMrush contacted me and asked if I fancied giving their software a prod I figured ‘why not’. I had been part of a beta testing group for SEMrush in the past and had fond memories of the platform. To be honest I can’t really remember why I ended up wandering away from the fold, but I did.

On first glance I could see that SEMrush has developed lots of new tools that I don’t remember from my last delve into their offering. This isn’t a huge surprise; the world of SEO moves fairly swiftly. Sure there are some nice improvements and smoothing off of rough edges, but that’s not what convinced me to switch to SEMrush.

The toolset that SEMrush providers subscribers prevents a lot of time wasted logging into different services to get one job done. I can track rankings, keep an eye on on-site audits, track and audit backlinks all in one place.

The real reason I have switched to SEMrush is that the developers appear to actually understand the way SEO professionals work! Within hours of setting up SEMrush I started to realise just how smooth the workflow is. With other tools there’s a fair bit of exporting of data to sort it elsewhere, but with SEMrush there’s usually a button that will do the data manipulation jobs for you.

I have switched to SEMrush not just for the data, the tools or the depth of research, I have switched to make my life easier!

I am part of the SEMrush influencer program, so I can get a ‘deal’ when it comes to using the platform, but the truth is that really isn’t the reason I’m recommending SEMrush. I’m recommending SEMrush because I know it will make your life easier.

Go get stuck in at https://www.semrush.com/ (Not an affiliate link!)

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