Why do SEOs pay for software instead of using free software?

SEO can be very time consuming from a keyword research perspective. So we use tools. For years the search for the best SEO tool seemed to be a never-ending quest. A bit like Dungeons and Dragons but with less swords, but a similar amount of dice rolling.

Long story short; there are a LOT of SEO tools out there. Lots of SEO tools are free to use, so why do industry folk (like me!) spend a fortune on paid tools? Speed.

Keyword research is at the heart of all good SEO work. Knowing which keywords to target is crucial. A lot of free SEO keyword research tools focus on how many people a month are searching for any given keyword.

The free ‘keyword generator’ by Ahrefs will additionally tell you how difficult the keyword will be to rank. This is great because it can reveal high value keywords that none of your competitors are trying to rank for. In terms of SEO, this is low hanging fruit!

We could get similar results without using Ahrefs, it would just take us much longer to arrive at the same destination.

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