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Possibly the best (and most profitable) e-commerce SEO advice you’ll read today

Ranking your online store can feel like a daunting prospect. Adding your products can feel like a slog. Getting shipping rates is a headache. So the point at which many business owners finish adding products to their online shop they consider the job ‘done’. The problem is that business owners will then discover the old cliché of ‘build it and they will come’ simply isn’t true.

So what’s my number 1 super duper mega hyper fantastic tip for selling more through your online store? It may not surprise you to learn the answer lays in a little bit of SEO knowhow.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not new. In fact I’d be surprised if any switched-on business owner wasn’t aware of the importance of getting found on Google. If someone searches for a product you sell and finds you near the top of the search results then you’ll probably do very well. That’s putting it mildly, and oversimplifying the process. But you get the point I’m sure.

Some SEO theory is a little, well, ‘complex’. But in asking the question of how to super-charge the SEO on your online store there’s no technobabble in the answer. In fact the answer is very simple indeed.

The answer? Product descriptions. Really good product descriptions.

The absolute most potent and spectacular way to supercharge the SEO for your e-commerce website is to write proper product descriptions. If you have a lot of products it may be tempting to use the product descriptions given to you by your suppliers, but the massive problem (from an SEO perspective) is that your competitors are probably doing the same thing! So in the eyes of Google you’re just another outlet, nothing special, nothing of note. Whereas if you make the effort to write really great product descriptions then you stand a great chance of thrashing your competition in the rankings.

If you write some really kickass production descriptions, and I mean motivating, exciting, enticing potent descriptions, then will rank better on Google and you will sell more products.

So many online shops use boring, mundane copy and pasted product descriptions. You have the chance to rise above all that, but don’t hang around. As soon as your competitors realise what you’re doing to beat them they’ll start doing the same. So what happens next?

Next you create great videos showcasing your products. But what happens when your competitors start copying this new technique? That’s when you improve your review nurturing.

Quite often using SEO to increase your profits isn’t a case of having the best website in your world, it’s more a case of having a better website than your competitors.

Writing great product descriptions is another example of how making the web a better place boosts your bottom line. Google wants to give their customers the best possible experience, and if you align yourself with that mission then your website will rank better. What business wouldn’t strive to give their customers the best possible experience?

The opportunities for SEO optimisation on e-commerce sites are wide open right now. This is the Wild West, so be the pioneer and reap the rewards!

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