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Case Studies are a great way of showing clients and customers how you can solve their problems. A lot of copy on websites focuses far too heavily on listing abilities, rather than solving the readers’ ‘pain points’.

Case Studies prove that you understand your audience and show them that solving complex problems is ‘just another day in the office’ for you and your colleagues. Showing, rather than telling, is an effective method for writing motivating marketing copy.

So why aren’t we all writing more case studies? One reason might be that the case studies we’re used to reading are far…

Email marketing is widely regarded as a ‘must-have’ by many marketers. Treating your list members with respect and a certain amount of pastoral care is what makes the magic happen.

Let’s start at the birth of your email marketing list; how do you get people onto a new list, even if you are a new brand and your market is not yet aware of your magnificence?

The lure.
You need a great ‘lure’ to get people onto your mailing list. What does your audience love? What would make them feel like they are getting value from you (without you ‘giving away…

I have had a long and varied history with SEO software. Around twenty two years ago I started using what might have (at the time) been the world’s first dedicated SEO software title. It was ‘interesting’ to say the least. This software, which shall remain nameless in case a derivative of it still exists, was focussed on ‘gaming’ the search engines. I couldn’t really understand why so much emphasis was placed on duping search engines.

After a few days I stopped using the software because it didn’t feel like it fitted the way I worked, what I wanted to achieve…

We are pleased to announce that we are now a part of the SuffolkPro Help network.

Suffolk ProHelp is a network of businesses who offer support free of charge to voluntary organisations and community groups. We have been looking for a way to contribute to our local community in a meaningful and ongoing basis, and having spoken at length with Suffolk ProHelp it felt like a great fit. Several people associated with Andrew Laws Associates Ltd have enjoyed volunteering in a variety of ways in the past and we are really pleased to be able to make volunteering a part of our working lives.

If your organisation needs assistance with any aspect of Internet Marketing and…

Podcasts rule. I know I’m not the only person with that opinion. Podcasts have been a ‘thing’ for many years, but have recently risen in popularity. Maybe lockdown had something to do with that? Perhaps a few months of being homebound gave some of us an opportunity to seek out new forms of entertainment. When else in our adult lives have we been so restricted in our movements. Come to think of it, when else in history have so many people around the world faced such restrictions?

Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the other on-demand video services are an almost…

Standard SEO practice dictates that keeping your blog on your company website is for winners. So why am I ignoring that advice?

When creating any new content, in the name of marketing your company, it is important to decide where to ‘plant’ that content. Whether you are creating blog posts, videos or other media the choices that lay before you are numerous enough and bewildering.

Knowing where to place your content can be as much of a challenge as actually creating the content. So the digital marketing world keeps the advice simple.

Put your content on your main website.


May I introduce myself?

Did you know that there are over one and a half million podcasts in the world? Even if you have no idea what a podcast is you’ll probably agree that one and a half million sounds like a lot.

But I’m going to explain why one and a half million podcasts is actually a surprisingly small number. I will also explain what a podcast is!

My name is Andrew Laws. I am an SEO professional and a ‘creative type’. In my experience the creativity feeds the SEO, and vice versa.

When deciding whether I should write…

Would you climb Mount Everest using only software?

Sometimes I don’t ‘get’ some of my peers in the SEO industry. I’m not talking about anyone I know personally, but a few SEO folk do seem to worry about the strangest things. For example, I’ve seen some chatter concerning SEO software replacing SEO professionals.

Since I started working in SEO (over twenty years ago) many very simple, low cost, tools have appeared that on the surface make SEO very simple. The issue within my industry is that while the leading tools are accessible to everyone, and are becoming easier to use, they don’t tell the whole story. Tools like…

Thanks to Peter Bond for the photo —

Ranking your online store can feel like a daunting prospect. Adding your products can feel like a slog. Getting shipping rates is a headache. So the point at which many business owners finish adding products to their online shop they consider the job ‘done’. The problem is that business owners will then discover the old cliché of ‘build it and they will come’ simply isn’t true.

So what’s my number 1 super duper mega hyper fantastic tip for selling more through your online store? …

There has been a bit of confusing information bezzing around the Interwebs recently with regards to remarketing. So here, as succinctly as possibly is an introduction to remarketing and what it can do for your business.

What exactly is remarketing?

Remarketing in its most simple form is a method of showing adverts to people who are already aware of your business. One of the most popular methods of remarketing uses the Facebook Ad platform. You can use Facebook Ads to show adverts to people who have visited your website. …

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